Top tourist attractions in Da Nang city 2019

In recent years, Da Nang is a tourist destination attracting many visitors from abroad. Being appreciated by many famous newspapers and magazines around the world, Da Nang is one of the most attractive tourist places in Southeast Asia. So what’s this city so special about? Let Nhu Minh Plaza discover many tourist attractions not to be missed when visiting Da Nang!

1.Dragon Bridge

Voted as one of the 30 most beautiful and glamorous bridges in the world, along with the three best design awards of the 2013 FX Design Award, the 2014 Lighting Design Award, and the Best Engineer Award, Dragon Bridge is one of the best lighting bridges in the world. Dragon Bridge attracts many tourists both Viet Nam and abroad to visit every year. Today, the dragon bridge is considered one of the symbols of the city and is also an honor of Da Nang tourism. Most impressive is the ability to spray fire and spray water of the Dragon in the peaceful Han River. Dragon Bridges usually only spray water and fire at 7:00 pm on Saturdays, Sundays or major holidays.

Top 10 tourist attractions in Da Nang City 2019
Dragon Fire Bridge is a feature of Da Nang tourism

2.Love Bridge

By the Dragon Bridge, many couples can walk hand in hand at the bridge of love to admire the fire-breathing dragon at night. In the daytime, couples can easily enjoy the quiet life of Da Nang and the quiet Han River. In addition to that romantic drawing, visitors can attach love locks to iron frames on the bridge wall like the Ponts des Arts bridge in France.

Top 10 tourist attractions in Da Nang City 2019
Couples keep memories with locks on the bridge


3.Son Tra night market

Son Tra night market recently opened 1 year ago, is a place to trade with tourism, with an advantageous location in the city center, near the Dragon Bridge. Night market with extremely rich products, fully converging the northern central culture from cuisine and crafts. In addition to shopping, visitors will also be able to interact and learn about culture together with the indigenous people.

Top 10 tourist attractions in Da Nang City 2019
The bustling night market is located next to Dragon Bridge

4.Helio night market

Unlike other night markets, Helio Night Market is a complex that combines cuisine, shopping, and entertainment. Located on the central road 2/9. Helio night market is a place not to be missed when you visit at Danang. Not only are the unique delicacies, but Helio also attracts tourists by the Mediterranean film school to check-in extremely, in addition to the foreign beer area with more than 100 different beers and a range of barbeque and seafood products be rich for you to choose. In addition to eating and drinking, Helio also has an in-house gaming area with 200 modern arcade game machines and other interactive games, next to the Metiz cinema which is suitable for movie lovers.

Top 10 tourist attractions in Da Nang City 2019
The vibrant Helio Night Market and various recreational activities

5.Ba Na Hills

Referring to Da Nang, almost people know Ba Na Hills because the magnificent beauty has been praised by many domestic and international tourists. Ba Na Hills is named as a miniature Europe located on the top of the mountain, one of Da Nang’s unique and impressive tourist destinations.

Top 10 tourist attractions in Da Nang City 2019

In addition to the cool environment of mountains and forests, the buildings with magnificent French architecture right on the top of the mountain, this place combines extremely attractive services for visitors to visit such as exploring the ancient wine cellar enjoying Precious wine, visit the unique wax museum check-in with famous characters, immerse yourself in the flower garden, and have fun with Fantasy Park amusement park, … The most impressive is the Golden Bridge – is the tourist symbol of Vietnam in 2018 praised by the foreign press. Rarely is there any place that possesses a 4-season climate in a day here, you will be very excited. Coming to Bà Nà Hill, surely you will have unforgettable experiences with photos like the sky of Europe.

Top 10 tourist attractions in Da Nang City 2019
Golden bridge -The symbol of Da Nang tourism

6.Than Tai hot mineral springs 

Than Tai hot mineral spring tourist area is located in Phu Tuc village, Hoa Phu commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city. Starting from Ba Na peak, the mineral spring park inherits the beauty of the mountains as well as the cool climate like Ba Na Hills. Mineral springs have a wealth of interesting games with long waterways, along with hot mineral baths. Make sure that this place is a relaxing space that you are looking for after tired working hours. In addition to the hot springs, visitors can experience hot eggs boiled in the boiling lake. Along with that guests also enjoy the atmosphere here with mud baths and spa areas, massage. The Than Tai Hot Springs Park deserves a fascinating tourist destination in the summer for tourists, as well as a place to enjoy good health.

Top 10 tourist attractions in Da Nang City 2019
Immerse yourself in nature with Than Tai hot mineral springs

7.Asia Park

Asia Park is an amusement park with an architectural style that integrates all cultures of more than 10 Asian countries, suitable for young people to check-in here. Asia Park includes the Asian entertainment area, the Sunwheel area, and the cultural park. The families of locals or tourists from far away places choose this place as a place to play every holiday is very cool and there is an indoor play area for children. In particular, visitors can experience games from gentle to adventurous, such as Ferris wheel, roller coaster, .. and the Sun’s top 5 rotation in the world. The ticket price for the current park is 150,000 VND. VND 50,000 for students.

Top 10 tourist attractions in Da Nang City 2019
The most entertaining area in Southeast Asia

8.My Khe Beach

Referring to Da Nang, in addition to the Ba Na hills, in addition to splendid lavish bridges, tourists will not be able to ignore the famous My Khe Da Nang beach. My Khe Beach Danang was created to give long and beautiful beaches, white sandy beaches, clear water like jade, poetic scenery, these things deserve to be voted by Forbes magazine as one of the most charming beaches in the world. In addition, My Khe Beach is among the top 10 beaches in Asia, the most popular tours in the world by Sunday Herald Sun magazine of Australia.

Top 10 tourist attractions in Da Nang City 2019
My Khe beach many times reached the top lists of the most beautiful beaches in the world

9.East Sea Park

East Sea Park is located right next to My Khe beach, which is the top of the most charming beaches on the planet. There are usually outdoor beach festivals, impressive check-in points for young people, or social activities. Especially, it is impossible not to mention that there are thousands of white doves fluttering the sky, you will be very impressed and have memorable moments here.

Top 10 tourist attractions in Da Nang City 2019
There’re a lot of fun and entertainment activities are held in the East Sea Park

10.Hoi An Ancient Town

Although more than 20km from Da Nang city, Hoi An is also chosen by many tourists on their trip to Da Nang. Possessing peaceful and ancient features. Arriving in Hoi An like you are slowing down with a vibrant and bustling life in urban areas, returning to toad coffee shops, but a small eatery, ancient houses, and paper flowers mingle together. hetero of the Hoai River. Hoi An is also one of the places to be praised to travel to domestic and foreign tourists.

Top 10 tourist attractions in Da Nang City 2019
Hoi An with ancient and vintage features


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