Travel Guide For A Day Trip To Ba Na Hills 2019

In recent years, when someone mentions Da Nang, people usually think about a place with four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter in the same day. Along with European architectural features, Ba Na Hills is likened to a miniature Paris in Danang. Let’s explore with Nhu Minh Plaza through the travel schedule of Ba Na Hills one day-trip!

When should you make the trip?

Ba Na Hills tourism is located 25 km to the southwest of Danang city. Tourist centers located on top of Ba Na Mountain Spirit elevation 1489 m above sea level. As a result of that, the climate is extremely cool so you can travel to Ba Na Hills at any time of the year. However, the best time to make the trip should be in the summer around March to September because the weather is less rainy and nice sunny. It would be perfect for you to make some incredible photos with that natural light plus mystic view of majestic mountains surrounded by clouds.

Travel guide for a day trip in Ba Na Hill 2019

What things should be prepared?

Ba Na Hills is one of the few entertainment areas in Vietnam always having special things for you to enjoy whenever you come. Remember to prepare beautiful dresses and energize your friends before coming to the parties at Ba Na Hills!

Travel guide for a day trip in Ba Na Hill 2019

Besides, you should bring some money to experience the services and get yourself some souvenirs or gifts for your family and friends. Moreover, definitely do not forget to bring some stuffs like camera, phone and selfie stick or tripod for amazing photos with outstanding views and also a hat to avoid unusual weather.

Recommended schedule for Ba Na Hills one day-trip:

Morning: Depart at 7am to go to Ba Na Hills by motorbike and start to travel around.

Noon: At about 12 o’clock when the sun has risen, you can take a little rest and enjoy your lunch at one of the restaurants here.

Afternoon: After lunch for about 1 hour, continue to explore Ba Na Hills and make some memories with the beautiful scenery here. About 16 o’clock, you can prepare to leave and move back to Danang city. If you attend to rent a hotel , now is the time to check in and relax.

Travel guide for a day trip in Ba Na Hill 2019

How to go to Ba Na Hills?

What transportation should you choose?

As mentioned above, Ba Na Hills is 35 km from the center of Danang. The road is beautiful and convenient giving you many choices. The most useful means to travel include cars, motorbikes or taking Ba Na Hills tour during the day.

If you choose to travel by tours:

You can book the Ba Na one day-tour at travel companies or choose Danang tour which has destination to Ba Na Hills. For a one-day tour, the agency will usually pick you up in the city center or at the hotel location you request. Tour prices of each company are different but mostly the range is from 800,000 to 850,000 VND per person, included the cost of shuttle bus, cable car ticket and lunch buffet at the restaurant on Ba Na. Families with young children often choose this form because it help the babies feeling less tired when they move.

ADVANTAGES when taking Ba Na Hills one day-tour:

  1. Don’t have to worry about finding the way.
  2. Don’t have to worry about buying tickets.
  3. Don’t have to worry about danger when moving.
  4. Don’t have to worry about eating
  5. Always be guided, introduced the place’s names on Ba Na as well as its works and meanings.

Travel guide for a day trip in Ba Na Hill 2019

Going to Ba Na Hills by yourself:

Many of tourists prefer driving by motorbikes to Ba Na Hills then booking tours due to the limited time of tours, quite uncomfortable. With motorbike rental rates ranging from 100,000 to 150,000 VND per day, you can comfortably travel around. The road to Ba Na Hills is easy to go, wide and flat, without many steep hills.

What should you eat when going to Ba Na Hills tourism?

With a famous tourist destination like Ba Na Hills, the more expensive food than at the center of Danang is understandable.

Travel guide for a day trip in Ba Na Hill 2019

According to Ba Na Hill tourism experience of many young people, eating buffet on Ba Na Hill is still the best ideal. Lavander or AraPang buffet restaurant would be the optimal choice. You can choose from 100 dishes of both European and Asian foods here for 225k per adult and 170k per child. The attractive point of these two restaurants is the broad space and diverse choices in food menu, which is enough to pleased all from adults to young children.

What specialities of Ba Na Hills tourism should you try?

1.Enjoying panoramic view on Cable Car at Ba Na Hill tourism:

From a height of over 1,000 meters, when your cable car gets to the top of the mountain, you will experience the whole massive space of Ba Na as a breathtaking picture with floating clouds, majestic mountains and gorgeous waterfalls. After reaching a certain height plus favorable weather, the cable car even takes you travelling through the clouds. Admiring the moments when being in Ba Na cable car, you will feel as if you are lost in the fairy land.

Travel guide for a day trip in Ba Na Hill 2019

2.Visiting the Golden Bridge Ba Na Hill tourism:

In the latest one or two years, netizens, especially young people who love travelling, taking photos and the tourist community started to stagger by the first images being revealed about The Golden Bridge, a new project opened to welcome visitors to Sun World Ba Na Hills.

Da Nang does not lack a place to play but this unique bridge absolutely will make you be overwhelmed. The superb Golden Bridge has opened its doors to welcome visitors, don’t hesitate to take a trip to Ba Na Hills and make your own pictures that can’t be found at any other locations.

Travel guide for a day trip in Ba Na Hill 2019

Located in Ba Na Tourist Area at 1414 meters above the sea level, the Golden Bridge is designed extremely impressive, drawing a mesmerizing curve in the middle of the air, nearly 150 meters long. The bridge quickly becomes a new place attracts people by the wonderful experience of walking above clouds.

3.Visiting the sencond Linh Ung Pagoda in Ba Na Hill tourism:

Linh Ung Pagoda is a very sacred place that must be visitted when traveling to Ba Na Hills. The pagoda is located at an altitude of nearly 1,500m above sea level. If the sky is clear, standing at the temple gate, you can experience the majestic panorama of Ba Na mountain forest and feel like you are in the heaven when standing in the middle of a ​​white, floating cloud sea.

Travel guide for a day trip in Ba Na Hill 2019

Near by the pagoda, there is an extremely beautifully carved  call the Buddha Shakyamuni statue with 27 meter-height 8 bas-reliefs. Location of Linh Ung Pagoda on Ba Na Hill is probably the highest in Vietnam.

4.Experiences of the Mountain Train in Ba Na Hill tourism:

From the Debay station, before visiting Debay ancient cellar, Le Jardin d’amour flower garden and Linh Ung pagoda, visitors will have a short trip on the Garaventa Mountain Leaf (Switzerland).

Travel guide for a day trip in Ba Na Hill 2019

The vessel has a capacity of 80 people per cabin, moving over a cable line of over 400m, reaching a speed of 5 meters per second and the capacity of operating 1600 guests per hour. Running between the vast slopes and climbing trains will bring new feelings only when traveling to Ba Na Hills.

5.Visiting Le Jardin d’amour Flower Garden in Ba Na tourism:

This is definitely the place girls love the most! They all include 9 gardens with all kinds of flowers and different topics including: Mo Stream Garden, Memories Garden, Mythical Garden, Eden Garden, Sacred Garden, Vineyard, Love Garden, Suy Tuong Garden and Mystery Garden. Each garden has its own beauty waiting for you to discover!

Travel guide for a day trip in Ba Na Hill 2019

When coming here, you will see a white cloud sea surrounding Ba Na tourism. Taking photos there, it looks like you are really in heaven.

6.Striding in the Debay Wine Cellar in Ba Na tourism:

Ba Na Hill tourism visitors will have a chance to visit the Debay Cellar area built by the French themselves, with a nearly 100-year-old life ensured in the mountain. The wine is very precious and of course delicious because the place always keeps the temperature from 14-18 degrees Celsius. With particular process, the wine is sure to be very good so even if you are the wine-addicted people will pleased you immensely while enjoying it.

Travel guide for a day trip in Ba Na Hill 2019

7.Getting lost in the French Village at Ba Na Hill tourism:

A lot of people have spent their time and money to travel to Europe just to take picturesof their lifes. But now it is way more simple when you just need to travel to Ba Na Hills tourism and visit French Village and European architectures,  one of the highlights capturing the most tourists of Ba Na Hills.

Travel guide for a day trip in Ba Na Hill 2019

Coming to the village, you will admire unique architectures complex inspired by France. Exclusive design resembles miniaturized Paris, the capital, with many modern and charming architectures. With both old-fashioned and modern features, you will definitely be admiring and passionate.

8.Getting loose with the Fantasy Park amusement center when traveling Ba Na Hill:

A play area with all kinds from gentle to creepy, from happy to fear,… There are a lot of people in Fantasy Park and almost all of the games in this place are free, except for winning bonus games that you have to buy coin to join. It may take about 1 hour to go through all the things that make you feel fit and relieve all sadness and sadness over the past few days.

There are also many amusement sections, games for children or even 4D, 5D cinemas for young people who like watching movies.

Travel guide for a day trip in Ba Na Hill 2019

The Wax Museum’s tickets are 100,000 VND, separated from tickets to Ba Na Hills area.

9.Ba Na Hill tourism admires the Wax Museum Area:

Also in the Fantasy Park, the Wax museum is located on your left. This is the place to display the largest model of Wax ​​statues in Vietnam with the same statues as the most famous people in the world.

Made by the skillful hands of artisans from Italy, these statues look absolutely like normal people. So when you come here sometimes you may be startled when you are next to a Wax statue.

Travel guide for a day trip in Ba Na Hill 2019

Here are some games you don not want to miss:

  • Free fall tower
  • Mountain climbing
  • Ghost House
  • Dinosaur’s house
  • Watch movies 4D, 5D
  • Sliding tubes

10.Experiences of conquering Ba Na Hill on the Emperor Mountain:

The highest place of Ba Na Hills is Lau Chuong. This is probably the place you would like to go the most in order to see all Ba Na Hills attractions. Standing on top of Lau Chuong, you will admire the whole beautiful scenery of the Ba Na beauty at noon when the fog is no longer exist.

Travel guide for a day trip in Ba Na Hill 2019

Above are the travel schedule of Ba Na Hills one day tour as well as advices and information that need for you in the trip. If you haven’t made any plans yet, this one is very worth considering. Otherwise, you can also try other tourist attractive spots of Danang city, such as My Khe beach – one of the six most attractive beahes on the planet voted by Forbes Magazine, the Asia Park or Son Tra Peninsula, etc … With many exciting events held every year, Danang has been one of the most bustling city in Viet Nam, especially in the summer. If you attend to travel to Da Nang, Nhu Minh Plaza Hotel is willing to accompany to make unforgetable memories with you.

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